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7/17/97 - 8/12/97
8/13/97 - 9/9/97
9/9/97 - 9/23/97
9/28/97 - 10/26/97
10/26/97 - 4/28/98


Bulletin Board

12/11/98 - 1/21/99


From: triv
Date: Thu Jan 21 22:57:38 1999


Now that we are all older and perhaps somewhat
more experienced, there will not be a kissing
booth at the reunion. Instead, we will, at the
boathouse, set up a fornication booth. Admission
will be three tickets for most , but 10 for any of
the Stones.
And how about a big hurray for Jeff for setting up
this page.




From: JB
Date: Thu Jan 21 18:16:31 1999


Sorry I didn't call you in FL. Very busy in the
sunshine. Can't wait to see you at Camp.

I remember Lois Taras, in the kissing booth. We
got married, in that kissing booth!!!





From: ksp (dprx)
Date: Wed Jan 20 14:56:50 1999



Trivia person, I like your poetry! If you want a
chat you know how to reach me. Don't be shy! As
far as the kissing booth goes(whoever asked) I
think something can be arranged.
Jeff, why didnt you call when you were in Florida?
Randy was here, you heard how desirable we Stone
girls are!!!!!!!! Bye for now.




Date: Tue Jan 19 14:52:35 1999



what is going on here????? bacwards is forwards,
up is down. The bulletin board has turned
topsy-turvy. Can I be Kathy Stoned Phillips'
boyfriend? Is she going to be doing the kissing
booth at the Carnival?




From: trivia person (robertfrost@campmar-lin.org)
Date: Mon Jan 18 17:25:08 1999


As I sit here all alone,
Nibbling on an ice cream cone,
I think of luscious Kathy Stone,
And wish that I could make a clone.

Now, wouldn't that be fine and dandy?
Good enough to eat like candy.
And if I was doubly handy,
I'd also make a clone of Randy.





From: Jeff 'Music'
Date: Sun Jan 17 20:09:00 1999

Early Reunions

I just returned from ten days of 'warm and sunny
weather' in Florida. One day for lunch, I had my
first early reunion with Ed Lieblick. We were both
in Camp in the 60's, and spent three years as
college room-mates, at Ithaca College. We hadn't
been in touch since graduation in 1971. His son
discovered the Website, and we contacted each
other, and had a great reunion. Ed will 'try' to
make it up to Camp in June, if his schedule

On Wednesday, I visited with Uncle Charley and
Aunt Ethel, in their beautiful home in West Palm
Beach. THe are both well, and very excited about
the 50th reunion. They are looking forward to
seeing all of you in June, at CAMP MAR-LIN!




From: Chatman (chatnow@campmar-lin.org)
Date: Sun Jan 17 08:22:51 1999

Chat Now

Dear Trivia Person,

write to:
and Chatman will be happy to answer your




From: trivia person
Date: Sun Jan 17 00:48:11 1999

lost in space

Okay, so trivia person is not really computer
literate, Can someone tell me if anyone has gone
onto this chat now screen? And how do you talk on
it? And does anyone else's computer play "I Am The
Walrus" while it is downloading? These are
important questions. How much would I give to talk
to the ravishing Stoned sisters. To discuss
Mar-Lin food, sports, drugs, and rock&roll with
the delectable Kathy. Or are these just the
ravings of a deranged lunatic who has nothing
better to do with Saturday night? Seriously,
though, if anyone does go for a chat, what is the
time and place?




Date: Fri Jan 15 21:10:21 1999



I think I know where to find Eileen Kent. And I am
sure if you talk to her enough, she might even
sing Tonight or Sunrise Sunset For YOu.




From: Kenneth Starr
Date: Thu Jan 14 21:56:41 1999

Stoned again!

Leave no Stone unturned




From: (truelove@campmar-lin.org)
Date: Thu Jan 14 21:40:35 1999

To The Trivia Man

How bad do you have to do on the test to spend a
lifetime with Kathy?




From: Luv Them Stones
Date: Thu Jan 14 21:31:06 1999

help me out here, LP

Kathy "Rolling" Stone
Kathy Stone "Temple Pilots"
Kathy "Rosetta" Stone
Randy Stone "Poneys"
Randy Stone "Cold Steve Austin"
Randy "Oliver" Stone




From: trivia person
Date: Thu Jan 14 10:38:39 1999

Public correspondence

Now that you know who I am, dear Kathy Stoned,
lets not continue to make love in public. Send me
a private message to cement our relationship. You
know how I felt then and how I feel now. My
admiration and love for you are still
overwhelming, and my feelings will always be so.

By the way, can you set me up with your sister?
You still have no idea.




From: ksp
Date: Wed Jan 13 20:05:07 1999


I know who you are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




From: lp
Date: Tue Jan 12 16:00:45 1999



still upset about that ksp???!!!




From: trivia person
Date: Tue Jan 12 12:06:53 1999


Trivia person is getting very bored with the banal
questions and answers that have been appearing
here. TP is thinking long and hard about some
really tough questions, with prizes to be awarded.
First prize is going to be an evening with Kathy
Stoned Phillips. Second prize is two evenings.

Aside to the Tinman--your challenge to kick my ass
is accepted. You never could do it before, and you
can't do it now! Meet me at the tether ball court
on June 5th, and we'll see who is tougher.




From: bweinbaum (bjweinbaum @aol)
Date: Tue Jan 12 09:43:02 1999

You're a good man cb


Chuck Weiner was Snoopy. Michael Moss was CB, and
the rest you have to guess. What bitchy girl could
possibly play Lucy? And to stump all you experts -
who played Frieda.

Sorry about the Wizard problem. I could swear I
saw Jill with a wizard hat on -- perhaps it was
just daily attire.




From: ksp (dprx)
Date: Tue Jan 12 09:27:19 1999

The great oz

The wizard of oz was Larry, How else could he keep
an eye on Dorothy! Trivia person, how about my
answer? Db , all is fine again, thanks! Carl, nice
talking to you. Randy, call me!




From: LP
Date: Tue Jan 12 07:58:11 1999



Barbara, you're wrong about the wizard, but try
again...Chuck Weiner played Charlie Brown,,,Carl,
nice question,,,gee I wonder who?
Trivia man you got me then....is it MM....Ksp,,,I
will always owe you....LP




From: Ksp (Dprx)
Date: Mon Jan 11 19:10:36 1999

I'm sorry Trivia person

Dear t person, I must apologize for my rude
behavior when you first came on the scene. I
dissed you about your food questions without
realizing I might be hurting your feelings. I
thought you were lpand he can surely take it. On
the other hand you are probably a warm sensitive
person and I am truly sorry. Am I forgiven?.
Sincerely, KSP aka Whiny bitch




From: tinman (cschw@herrick.com)
Date: Mon Jan 11 18:21:16 1999


Stop harassing my darling KSP, or I will have to
kick your boney feminine ass at the reunion (she
made me say that, but I mean it.) Here's some
trivia for you. Which girl/woman over 16 still had
no breasts?




From: trivia person
Date: Sun Jan 10 17:06:49 1999


What makes you think that trivia person is a
trivia man? Can't a trivia chick be infatuated
with the lovely Stoned sisters? And what makes you
think its been 30 years? And we went to ball games
in Springfield and Waterbury.
Are you coming to the reunion. I'm dying to see
you again, up close and personal.




From: ksp (dprx)
Date: Sat Jan 9 19:27:08 1999

Who are you tman?

This trivia man is really getting to me. I've been
busy lately (living a REAL life) , but a relative
keeps me informed on my name showing up here from
time to time.My questions are, when did we go to
any ball games?. and what did I do to you to
deserve just animosity 30 years later?
(do you know what that means) If you are by any
chance Carl you owe me an RSVP. If you're Larry
you just owe me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




From: DB
Date: Fri Jan 8 20:42:54 1999

Don't have to look too far

Mel's address and Eileen's address are listed on
the "Snailmail" page, and Eileen's e-mail address
is listed on the "Directory" page.




From: Barbara Weinbaum (bjweinbaum@aol)
Date: Fri Jan 8 20:29:15 1999

We're off to see the Wizard

Larry and etc.

The part of the Lion was played by Jon Bonime and
the part of the Wizard was played by my very own
cousin - Jill Rosenberg.

Do you really want me to try to find Mel Monzack?
As for the Troll... do I look that up under T or
under supernatural beings with blue hair?

For more trivia -- who played Charlie Brown, Lucy,
Linus, Snoopy, Freida in your a good man Charlie
Brown? This was 1969.

Keep em comin.




From: missn the 6tees
Date: Fri Jan 8 17:13:04 1999

Villa Rose

Great place...just came into my mind.




From: Missn the 6tees
Date: Fri Jan 8 17:10:13 1999

Yentl Singer Alive and Well in NJ

Amidst the refineries of north jersey is where the
singer Eileen lives. I think she cut a few albums
in the 70s, went to LA, hung out for a couple of
years with the Malibu set and for some reason came
back east is what i heard.




From: To Barbara (memory campfire@campmar-lin.org)
Date: Thu Jan 7 22:43:25 1999


While you're at it, can you also find Mel Monzack
and the Troll and Louise Miller and Bill Goldberg
and Ralph the pool boy? Thanks




From: trivia person
Date: Thu Jan 7 22:39:16 1999


No. No. You don't. No.





From: lp
Date: Thu Jan 7 22:38:48 1999



trivia man were you from queens or Long Island?
I think I know who you are? Are you the counter?




From: lp
Date: Thu Jan 7 22:33:06 1999



tin man was schwartz, dorothy was bobbi sherman,
lion was jon bodine, who was the wizard?




From: trivia person (trivia@campmar-lin.org)
Date: Thu Jan 7 16:57:39 1999


I may be a lot of things, but sarcastic??? There
is not one cynical bone in my body. And it wasn't
K. Stoned Phillips I had the hots for, but her big
sister Randy Stoned, sho is definitely not a
whiney bitch like KSP. Anyway, maybe barbara can
find Eileen Kent and find out who the singer in
question was.
As for her question, I think the TinMan was Carl
Schwartz, Ethel was the wicked witch , and David
Newman was Dorothy.




From: Barbara Weinbaum (bjweinbaum@aol)
Date: Thu Jan 7 09:09:21 1999

Mar-Lin Trivia

Dear Trivia Person or LP,

If the singer was indeed Eileen Kent, I can find
her for you. Let me know.

More trivia -- who played Dorothy, the Tin Man,
the Cowardly Lion and the Witch in the Wizard of
Oz (circa late, late '60's or early 70's)

Happy New Year to ALL!!!!




From: lp (lphill7476@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jan 6 22:27:47 1999


singer was mickey weiner, I believe. summerstock,
tanglewood, and woodstock. waterbury mets and
windsor wusses
Trivia man is as sarcastic as me, but sometime has
had the hots for Kathy Stone....am I right tman




From: trivia person
Date: Wed Jan 6 10:54:37 1999

answer, maybe

The trivia person thinks the hot babe your looking
for used to be Eileen Kent. But even trivia person
has no idea where she is now.




Date: Wed Jan 6 07:58:19 1999

Yeah Let Her Sing

Good idea...Let's find her and get her to do the
songs at the reunion.




Date: Wed Jan 6 07:57:17 1999

Musical Review @ Reunion

Does anyone remember the name of the hottie who
sung maria and the Yentyl (sp?) stuff in Fiddler?
G-d she was great. Melted in the audience. Did she
go on to broadway or any theater...legit or not.
We want to know!!!!




From: The trivia person
Date: Tue Jan 5 15:08:58 1999

trivia--what else

By popular demand, by at least one writer, trivia
person is back. And he/she likes what he/she sees
in the humor here on the mar-lin site. Charley
always quivered at the feet of the health
inspector, and Foxwoods sounds a lot better than
the goddam roller-skating rink, where they
wouldn't let us go to the amusement park.
So, what was Ethel's stage name?
Name 2 different theatres where we saw summer
Name 2 different cities where we saw minor league
baseball games (special question for Kathy Stoned
Give 4 of Ralph Sumshine's names in his other

and wow, doesn't that Jeff guy have a swell
re-union planned!!!!!!!




From: JEFF BERGER (jeffberg@cybernex.net)
Date: Mon Jan 4 17:08:29 1999


Start packing, campers! It's only 5 months until
Camp Mar-Lin 50 Year Reunion. The responses so far
have been fantastic. Mini reunions are occuring,
as we speak. Watch for your applications in early
March. In addition to softball games, great camp
food, a Saturday night social, we are planning a
Camp Musical Revue. More to follow! See you all
soon. Can't wait!!!




Date: Mon Jan 4 15:13:38 1999

Camp Trip to Foxwoods

8-10 year olds will be going to Foxwoods to learn
crap. Canteen coupons will be issued. Campers are
reminded to have their parents master or vis card
numbers, dates, codes (if necessary)to apply for
more canteen coupons.




From: Harriet Neidorff Lutz (hlutz@rt66.com)
Date: Mon Jan 4 10:07:57 1999


I was delighted to find you. Any of my old cabin
mates visiting this site?




From: Camp Alert!
Date: Sat Jan 2 14:23:11 1999

The Health Inspector will be here

Attention Campers: The CT. State Health Inspector
will be dropping in on us at any time. Your
counselors will instruct you as to the special
steps to take to prepare for his visit. Remember,
if we don't pass inspection the camp will be
closed down and you will all be sent home. It's
not only "Fun & Friends", it's also "Healthy
Living", so get off your butts and get this place
cleaned up.




Date: Sat Dec 26 00:51:29 1998






From: Santa
Date: Thu Dec 24 15:03:25 1998

ho ho ho

Merry Christmas to all. Services Sunday in the
Chapel in the Pines. OOPS, wrong religion.
See you after the new year. On vacation until

Trivia Person




Date: Thu Dec 24 14:53:08 1998






From: LP
Date: Tue Dec 22 20:08:34 1998

Trivia man come back?

Come back trivia man, come back!!




From: Trivia Person
Date: Tue Dec 22 15:10:10 1998


The trivia person is cancelling all further trivia
questions, for now, due to a distinct lack of
If anyone cares, the boys cross-country was twice
around the big field, past the pool, up the road
to the main gate, hang a left to the
infirmary,past the shower house, up to Blockhose,
down the Blockhouse trail, around the overlooks,
down past the canteen, make a sharp right to home
plate on the big field, up the first base lin,
make a sharp left to the finish in front of the
Crafts shack.
Girls never had to run a long distance.
As to question two, they all had natural hair
color, except for Ethel, Sue Lee, and Fran.
Goodnight campers!





From: Trivia Person (catchmeifyoucan@mystery.camp)
Date: Tue Dec 15 10:51:57 1998


Nice try.
I am a mystery wrapped in a riddle surrounded by
an enigma.
And so I shall stay.
Set up a trivia page, my ass. Not by the hair on
Charley's head, or for all the Charleston Chews in
the canteen will I send an email to you. But try
these on for size:
1) In the Olympics, describe the course for the
Senior Boys and Senior Girls for the marathon.
2) What did Aunt Ethel, Sue Lee Nelson, Fran
Schwartzman, and Erica Bonime have in common?

I know these will be easy for Faded Memory, but
what about you webmasterperson?




From: Norm Landerman (NormanL@net-sdsi.com)
Date: Mon Dec 14 15:06:52 1998

I Heard Somebody Was Looking For Me, I've
Never Been Easy To Hide

I just heard about the site and was also told that
somebody was asking around about me. Well, I've
never been a small target, so take your best shot.
I look forward to hearing from whoever you are.




From: disrespectfulwebowner
Date: Mon Dec 14 12:27:56 1998

To: Trivia Person

Please contact me at
to discuss setting up a new Trivia section on the
Camp website.




From: Trivia Person (Yes, this is email)
Date: Mon Dec 14 10:41:01 1998

Good Idea

To Mr. Or Ms. Faded Memory
Your memory isn't too bad at all. And Mar-Lin
Jeopardy is a great idea. Who was Joe Wacunas?
Where is Beckett Gorge? What counselor stopped at
the little house with the red light on the hike to
Bradley Field?
And look what this web owner did--he threw us into
the archives. A distinct lack of respect!
Received a mailing from this Jeff Music guy. Hope
this reunion is is good as the last one!
More questions coming soon. Waiting to hear from
Faded Memory as to the Jeopardy categories. Will
Kathy Stoned Philips let us use "food"?
Be back soon.




From: The Reunion Committee (reunion@campmar-lin.org)
Date: Sun Dec 13 15:49:28 1998

Camp Mar-Lin 50th Anniversary Reunion

Remember to keep the dates open...Camp Mar-Lin's
50th Reunion will begin on Saturday morning, June
5, 1999...at Camp Mar-Lin. Many of us will be
arriving at the hotel on Friday, to begin renewing

old friendships.In March of 1999 you will receive
your application form. Until then, we would like
to wish you all a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year filled with Fun, Friends and
Healthy Living







From: Steve Titunik (Titunik_SM@vdot.state.va.us)
Date: Fri Dec 11 08:17:58 1998

Pool Closed

The pool will be closed for a couple of days for
cleaning. If you need us we will be in the brook.
If you really need to swim...try the lake. Or, if
it's beach you want...head to Joe's.

6/17/97 - 7/17/97
7/17/97 - 8/12/97
8/13/97 - 9/9/97
9/9/97 - 9/23/97
9/28/97 - 10/26/97
10/26/97 - 4/28/98